There are no snow days in Korea

And the snow continues to fall.

After a sunnier day on Sunday that melted some of the snow, the skies re-opened last night and we had twice as much of the white stuff this morning. I kept looking at the phone during breakfast, checking to make sure I hadn’t missed a call from a co-teacher telling me school was canceled.
But that was before I remembered that Korea doesn’t stop for anything, much less icy roads and snowy sidewalks.

So we walked to school this morning in the fresh snow as people made their crawl to work and school. Buses continued to burn through red lights, cars continued to honk and lurch and brake.

I still had all (four) of my students in class, who were practically climbing up the walls in excitement to get out and have a “snow fight.”

They get two 10-minute breaks during our short day for winter camp. During the last one, when the snow had picked up into a heavy fall again, I came into an empty classroom and a whiteboard that read this:

looking at board teacher!! snow fall hard we please play outside snow fight teacher now?? please

They did come back but were curious to see if their advanced English skills could buy them a few minutes of fun time outside.

After school (have I mentioned how much I love working half days?!?) Whit and I hopped a Speed bus–frighteningly similar to the movie–up the street for our favorite meal: shabu shabu.

As the snow continues to fall, we are staying warm inside our small toasty apartment and enjoying the beautiful snow from inside. Safe from skidding buses and formerly cooped up kids on snow highs.

P.S. Planning a new lesson on verb conjugation and usage for tomorrow’s class.

3 thoughts on “There are no snow days in Korea

  1. Summer says:

    Your P.S. cracked me up! We’ve only had two dustings of snow yet this year, but one thing that has amazed me is that life goes on here, regardless of road conditions. Apparently, the roads have to be terrible for our school to shut down–like a foot of snow in an afternoon. It just doesn’t seem right, since snow was made to be played in!


  2. Michael says:

    I think I may said it before but your blog is making me extremely jealous. If this continues my jealously may turn into a small bit of hate. Okay not really.


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