Teacher come on

Sometimes Whit and I wish January would last forever. In our world, it’s a great month to be alive. Half days, 4 students, lots of snow, lots of free time, and vacations on both ends of the month.
So what’s going on at school here? Well, the kids are on winter break, their longest break of the school year. They have the whole month of January off and half of February before the new school year begins March 1.
What does that mean for us? Well, after a one and a half week-long vacation, we started teaching half days for three weeks of winter English camp. It’s three hours of studying English for any student (translated: parent) interested in a little extra learning.
I only have four students this time, and Whit has three. We both lucked out with two groups of smart, funny, amusing students. They are always up for all of our crazy ideas when older students would simply look at us and roll their eyes.
Since we do not use a book for camp classes, we have more creativity in our lesson plans. So far during this camp we’ve made poster-size postcards, put on a puppet show, and made newscasts about all the topics we’ve covered so far.
Our classes are at a lower level than they were last time, but that usually makes it more fun.
“Teacher, come on,” a tall tubby child named Charlie always tells me with a wave of his hand when he needs my help. No matter how many times I’ve explained it’s better to say “Teacher come here, please” he just can’t remember. And now I think it’s kind of funny so I just gave up.
The loudest kid in class (we constantly have to remind him to turn down his volume) always asks WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? everytime I say something. Today was Friday and they were bouncing off the walls. The only time they weren’t bouncing wall to wall was when they were practicing snow angels on the floor. So glad I taught them that. As annoying as they sound, they’re a fun class.
As loud and rambunctious as mine are is as quiet and thoughtful as Whit’s. See what we see everyday here. Enjoy the videos!