Ricemeal–It’s GGGGRRRRReeeatt!!!

In attempts to save up our extra Won for some post-contract travel in September, Whit and I are trying to Budget. Yep, the B word.

We are trying to be as good as our friends Tony and Caroline—who live off a strict budget of about $16 a day. I think some days we do that. But see, Whit and I love food too much. Our motto in Korea has been, why would we eat at home when we can do that in America?!?

But, we have been trying to come up with ways we can cut back. And this week, I finally did it. Went local, that is. Meaning– I gave up cereal.

Some of you might be thinking no big deal. No. This is a very big deal. I’ve eaten cereal every Monday-through-Friday of my life. It sustains me like fruit and bread cannot. It’s my snack food at night. And dinners if Whit’s not around. But the problem with my cereal habit is that I usually eat four bowls of it every morning. (It’s a wonder I’m not obese. Thank you running.)

So, when I was thinking of one habit I could change–I immediately thought of my $7-a-b0x Korean Post Whole&All Cranberry cereal. Of which I eat two every week. What did I have that I could substitute it with? Hello. Rice.

I’m still going through that 10 kilogram bag of rice that I won last February in a half marathon. So I looked up a few recipes.

“Dear Google: How do I make rice taste like oatmeal?”

And this is what I got: Mix 1 cup cooked rice with sugar and cinnamon and milk (And then my own addition of heated bananas leaves a little hint of bananas Foster in your mouth) and voila! Ricemeal!

So it’s not exactly Korean. But if you ask me, it’s identifies me exactly: A little Asia, a little sugar, a little spice, and everything nice! I don’t know why but I just pictured my Dear Sweet Mother-in-Law really laughing at that last statement.

2 thoughts on “Ricemeal–It’s GGGGRRRRReeeatt!!!

  1. sherry says:

    Being from rice country (southern Louisiana and east Texas), we also believe that rice is great for any meal. We grew up on beans and rice, rice and gravy, gumbo and rice…you get the picture. I’m wondering if a good rice pudding wouldn’t do the trick for breakfast? It would be much like your “ricemeal”. Add raisins and cinnamon and yummo…tasty breakfast.


  2. Ethan and Maria says:

    We’re enjoying some stale “Amazing Savings” cereal these days and missing the TESCO brand stuff we used to get at Family Mart. You are a strong woman for cutting out that good stuff!


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