Don’t ya come back no more…

Today is our 6th graders’ graduation. We did not go. Though we went last year (because I actually liked those sixth graders and I wanted to experience a Korean graduation ceremony) we did not feel the need to experience it again.
So, we’re heading off to Yeoso for the Valentines weekend. Yeoso is a city on the southern coast of Korea and is said to boast a beautiful rocky cliffside coastline as well as some other really great sites, including a temple that a co-teacher said is the best in the country.
We’re taking a train from the nearby depot we discovered when Kathryn was here and will take a 2.5 hour train to the city.
We’re having strange weather today–very warm and very windy. I just got back from a run and it felt like I was running along the beach sans sand, beautiful ocean views, and seagulls. But I had the wind and warm temps!
Alright, we’re off. Pictures to be posted upon return.
Have a happy Heart Day!