Quiet before the storm


It’s Wednesday evening here. I’ve worked (sort of), ran, and am now busily attempting to find other things to do rather than fold the massive pile of clothes that have found a home on our couch.

We’ve been working shorter days at school for a week and a half now to prepare for our upcoming semester. Last year, we really struggled through this time. We literally almost bored ourselves to death. So this year, we came prepared.

We read, learned Spanish, wrote, blogged, made silly faces at each other, ate yummy Korean lunches, and holed ourselves up in a classroom so we could have the freedom to do all the above.

It’s been a wonderful week and a half. And now we have a few days of freedom before our real teaching jobs starts back on Monday.

But we have a big weekend ahead. On Saturday, we’ve been invited by one of our co-teachers to go along with a Gwangju amateur photography club trip to a traditional market in a nearby town.

And on Sunday, we are running in our fourth half-marathon in Korea! Our friends have promised their support–to come out and hold signs and cheer us along. It should be a great time. And the weather is promising to be a nice, warm spring day. (don’t worry. Oodles of photos to be posted Sunday evening.)

In other news, my co-teachers blatently informed me yesterday that Whit is much better at using chopsticks than me.

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  1. JP says:

    Good luck on your half marathons! I’ll be cheering you along from Oxford / Columbia (depending on where we are in our return drive). Looking forward to seeing the pictures and times.


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