An exhausted Lindsay here on a rainy, cold Thursday night. Should be doing dishes. Or folding the laundry on our floor-couch that Whit has nicknamed the dresser. But that’s no fun.

So, it’s AlmostFriday here in Korea on our first full week of work since December. One word. R.O.U.G.H.

I don’t know why, but every new semester, I have so much anxiety over my new classes and schedule that I dream about it all night between periods of wakefulness. Maybe other teachers do this, too. Or maybe it’s just because deep down (or not that deep down) I know I am not a trained, schooled or certified teacher and behind my confidant face on Monday morning I am just as scared of them as they are me.

It was at about 11 p.m. when I asked Whit for the 14th time what he was going to do with his 8:30 a.m. elective English class. Just to make sure. (It is now a question strictly forbidden when in bed.)

But, it’s AlmostFriday and I’ve survived. Explained my Three Golden Rules (1 – No speaking Korean! 2 – No Speaking Korean!! 3 – No Speaking Korean!!!). Played Two Truths and a Lie 10 times. Explained Two Truths and a Lie 15 times. Hugged a few favorites. Scorned a few Lindsay-haters. Convinced a “You-are-gooder-than-Whit-Teacher-punk kid” that he is in fact is going to miss Whit Teacher very much when I get done with him. Sat one child in the Bad Chair. Expelled one kid to the library. And fell into bed every night wondering how teachers do this for a lifetime.

Jokes aside, our classes are much better this semester with our old sixth graders gone (it’s true that I am still wishing they are getting beat up in middle school. Oh, sweet Karma, bring them justice.)

The students we have now, believe it or not, we have had in three different grade levels! We are seeing them grow up right in front of us. One sweet little girl, Lindsay–who named herself after her “very beautiful teacher,” told one of her vacation “truths” of getting a very very short skirt. No lie, she said, with a flirty grin to her fellow fourth graders. Now there’s a girl after my own heart.
Long story short. We’ve survived our first week of our last semester here. And already, it’s bittersweet. Just like an AlmostFriday.


  1. Summer says:

    The best teacher I’ve had here told our class the other day that even after 30 years of teaching (and a brain full of brilliance, in my opinion), she still can’t sleep before she teaches a new class. That made me feel <>much<> better about my anxiety.


  2. Jessica says:

    Awesome. I love the short skirt part. That does sound like you!At least middle school/high school you.


  3. Brenton says:

    Linds, thought you’d love this… President Obama’s personal carryon… Note the logo.,27424,1882378,00.html


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