Sounds like heaven!

Those were the words out fifth grade student Jay’s mouth this week after reading about how kids in Canada and America eat pizza for lunch.

“Pizza?!? And sandwiches?!? Oh my!” she said, taking a moment from her busy day to really imagine what it must be like.

“All we get is rice and soup and vegetables, yuck!” my students wrote back to them.

And this is just one of the new postings between our Korean students and our two partner schools in Canada and America on our kids’ blog: Kimchi, Cracker Jacks, and Maple Syrup.

It’s been a real hit with the students, who have watched the video of the Canadian students introducing themselves in the snow over and over and over again. “TEACHER! So fast!” they said of the Canadian’s English.

In response to the Canadian introduction video, Whit and I made videos of our extra English class, a group of students we see every day. I thought you might enjoy their introductions as much as we did. Check them out below.