Whose Anatomy? Give me Boys and Flowers


My name is Lindsay and I am a Boys Over Flowers addict. That’s right. Forget Grey’s Anatomy. Forget the days of Dawson’s Creek. Don’t even compare it to 90210.

This new Korean drama, Boys over Flowers, is in a world of its own. And I am officially now living in it. The theme song Paradise runs through my head just as much as it blares from restaurants, clothing boutiques, coffee shops and long hot bus rides.

Whit and I started watching the show about a week ago. And I am just as caught up in the hype as my second graders, adult co-teachers and old women working fruit stands who spend their days watching it in the corner of their markets.

It’s a Cinderella story with the innocence of Saved By The Bell. It’s the story of Jan-Di, a girl considered middle class to poor, whose parents own a dry cleaning business. But her whole life changes when she saves the life of a student who tries to jump off a building after being harrassed by the infamous F4.

F4 is a group of four really good looking very rich Korean boys. Sure they’re young. But I’m in love with them like the rest of the country. As I ordered a couple donuts this morning at Dunkin Donuts downtown, my heart beat faster when I saw Goo Joon Pyo staring back at me on a small magnet on the front of the cash register.

The richest boy–Goo Joon Pyo– falls in love with sweet simple quirky Jan Di who refuses to bow down to him. And she falls in love with his friend, another member of F4 with bleached hair with a prowess for the violin.

I really can’t get enough it. Every night, I beg Whit, let’s watch just one more episode! (we have found them translated online at www.mysoju.com).

Anyway, the show is a bit over the top on its drama, but it couldn’t be more Korean. And I also know why my students are always saying “Shit!” and “Yo yo yo!” now. Not only is an education in pop culture and an explanation of my students’ behavior, it’s also the best drama on TV.

If you’re interested, check it out. Here are a clip with their theme songs, literally playing in every burough of Korea at the moment.


  1. Spazzy says:

    omg i loves BOF. its really an addiction now..even among international kpop fans. the insanity is crazy ~~~ kekekeke. you should go to jihoo sunbae’s event on 31st, 9pm at Olympic Park in Seoul. he will be watching the ending together with fans and its FREE! (he is paying for everything as token of appreciation to his fans)..how i wish i live in korea to experience the whole BOF insanity =D


  2. Summer says:

    I’ll admit it. I’m intrigued. And all I did was watch the video you provided! I do always love a good underdog story.


  3. Heather says:

    I feel the same way! šŸ™‚ I get excited when I see commercials or advertisements around Gwangju with the F4. This is one contagious drama that really draws you in and keeps you hanging.


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