Eastern hemisphere lunch ladies


Lunch in Korea is something we have talked about often–from the spicy kimchi to the daily staples of soup, rice, meat and veggies–it’s a lunch worlds apart from the cafeterias at home. In fact, I think our schools at home could learn something from Korea about the food they serve to our children.

At Songwon Elementary, they serve only organic food. Every day we get a tray brimming with rice, kimchi, soup, fish, pork and vegetables. Occasionally we get a Koreanized Western-style side dish like spaghetti, which we got today.

A few strange things–we never use napkins (unless you consider my shirt sleeve or quick wipe of the hands on dark blue jeans) and there is no drink unless you want a sip from the water fountain on your way out the cafeteria.

But enough of my words. Here it from our students in this video posted on our students’ blog: “Kimchi, Cracker Jacks, and Maple Syrup.” And by the way, we now have two partner schools (one in America and one in Canada) and we’re always looking for more!!!

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  1. Gisele Belyea says:

    My students loved the video! We are so inspired to get creative and make some movies. Tell your students that their English is great. Our next blog will be all about maple syrup. Spring is here and it is that time. Yum!


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