Springtime Shenanigans

Whit and I had a wonderful spring weekend in Gwangju. While the temperatures aren’t as warm as I’d like for them to be, they are getting there, and we spent most of our weekend outside playing.

Whit received his birthday present a week early from me– a brand new Loaded longboard (skateboard). Ever since Jonathan Ivey rode around the little town of Black Mountain on his, Whit has been itching for one. And then, our friend Tony here in Gwangju also has one he brought from Canada.

So this weekend, Whit finally joined the longboarding ranks. He and Tony have even started a club — The Gwangju Longboarding Society–though I tried to explain that I think GLS stands for something else quite different. They didn’t care.

Also, this weekend, we went to Tony and Caroline’s cocktail party–a chance to get all fancied up in our nicest clothes and drink fancy drinks. It was a great time had by all. And since Whit and I never seem to get dressed up, we took a few pictures on our way over there.


  1. The Whitsons says:

    Love those fancy pants pics, yo.


  2. -brittany- says:

    When you mentioned GLS and its alternate meaning what were you referring to this…GLS General Logistics Systems or maybe this…GLS Generalized Least SquaresGLS Gays Lesbicas e SimpatizantesGLS General Lighting ServiceGLS GPS Landing SystemGLS Glide SlopeGLS Grace Lutheran SchoolGLS Guy L Steele (Jargon File author)GLS Global Logistics SystemGLS Ground Launch Sequencer (NASA)GLS GNSS Landing SystemGLS Global Logistics SpecialistGLS Gay and Lesbian SierransGLS General Ledger SystemGLS Global Listing Service (real estate)GLS Galveston, TX, USA – Scholes Field (Airport Code)GLS Good Luck SellingGLS GoodLink ServerGLS Great Lord Scepter (gaming)GLS Georgia Local SectionGLS Government Launch ServicesGLS Gust Load AlleviationGLS Generator Load SensorGLS Gnome Land Security (World of Warcraft Alliance guild)GLS Global Logical SchemaGLS General Line SchoolGLS Grand Luxo SuperGLS Gate Lock Switch


  3. All of the above.


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