Satellite in my eyes

We had a big weekend here in Korea. As you probably saw in the news, North Korea decided to tell the world just what they thought of being bossed around.

I was out for a morning jog when the rocket/satellite/nuclear missile/whatever-your-version-of-the-news-called-it and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Kids still biked in circles in the parking lot of the giant megabox store Lotte Mart, women still covered themselves from head-to-toe to avoid any contact whatsoever with the sun. And ajumma continued to work with bent backs tossing smelly manure on their small square fields.

We had received a warning on Friday from the U.S. embassy in Seoul letting us know the most likely time for the rocket launch and informing Americans that we were indeed safe and sound on the Korean peninsula. And they were right.

Who knows what will happen next. But most likely, Kim Jung-il will continue his “brinkmanship” style of government until he finally kicks the bucket. (Wow so sensitive.) Getting what he wants when he wants because he has nothing to lose when he antes up.

But on to bigger news. Whit celebrated his 31st birthday on this exciting rocket-launch-of-a-day. It was a day where I insisted he decide what we did. We ate Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, sat outside a coffee shop and drank lemon tea and multiple cafe lattes, played Frisbee with friends, biked through the city, jogged through the city, ate samgyeopsal (pork) for dinner and watched our favorite Korean drama at night.

On Saturday night, we ate Indian food with friends and then headed to the arcade to play dance revolution. If you’ve never done this, stop reading this right now and head to your nearest arcade. Who cares what those 12-year-old mall rats think of you. It’s so much fun it’s ridiculous. So yes, we danced in the arcade and then had strongest man/woman contests. Sad to say we both came second in our respective categories.

Well. That’s enough randomness that I can possibly muster for one single blog entry. But I’ll also end with this piece of good news. Whit “accidentally” signed up for a March madness bracket where he had to pay in $10. Turns out, he is winning. If the Tarheels win the championship, we’ll be a couple hundred dollars richer. GO HEELS!!!!!!

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  1. Heather says:

    Ditto…Go Heels!!! 🙂 And love your pictures, always great!


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