Weekend escapes


Lindsay here again.

Whit and I just returned from our first camping trip of the season in Korea–a weekend jaunt to sunny Seonyudo island. Yes, we’ve been there before. Maybe you remember the infamous tandem bike self-portraits.

We convinced our friends that they needed to see it too. So eight of our closest friends and us took the 6:30 a.m. bus to the town of Gunsan, where we then boarded a ferry to the beautiful Polynesian-like islands.

The weather was perfectly warm and sunny. The night was perfectly cool and starry. Our campfire was perfectly hot. Our grilled steak, pork and kimchi were perfectly sizzling. And our tandem bikes were perfectly fitted.

On a morning run, I discovered a nearby island connected by a bridge that we had not explored the first time so we spent the day cycling around the fishing village and taking lots of photos, since half of us there are photomaniacs and the other half are now official members of the support group SOP (spouses of photographers).

One interesting point of the weekend: we tried sannakji ( raw baby octobus–baby by size, not by age) that were still squirming around our plates with their cute purple tentacles and sucking to the roofs of our mouths. Not surprisingly, Whit and I found it delicious.


  1. Adam S says:

    The group jumping photo is positively fantastic. It looks like a magazine cover. Which ever of you is finishing the photos, <>brava!<>


  2. Jessica says:

    I’m sorry. That’s just gross. Were they still ALIVE? Makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

    Glad you enjoyed it though! =)


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