Thacker San

Annyong! Lindsay here on a Thursday night.

Thursday nights in the past have been a special evening for Whit and me. Well, it’s been awhile, but when we were in Oxford, Mississippi, we always had a special Thursday ritual.

We would eat breakfast before school at Bottle Tree Bakery —two sesame seed bagels, sliced, toasted with light plain cream cheese, one cinnamon roll, a coffee and a diet coke. We would read the New York Times and tangle our feet together under the table as we read the world news.

Thursday nights we would meet again after my classes finished, this time on the small town square in a small, dark, damp annex to the famous Square Books, at Off-Square Books, for the Thacker Mountain Radio Show.

It was an hour of pure bliss. We never got there on time, so we had to stand in the back and listen to the guest authors read out of their books and the guest band jam a few tunes. We listened to readings by authors like Larry Brown, Ace Atkins, Janisse Ray, Marshall Chapman and too many more to list.

We often think back on that radio show night and swear we are going back some day.

But now, five years later, we have found a Korean version of our evening.

It was just last week that we decided we wanted to start a Thursday night date night. Our weekends are usually filled with friends, our precious time to talk to other foreigners other than each other, which keeps us sane.

But, now, Thursday night is our night.
And like every good date night, we head on our bicycle for two.

Since Whit can’t seem to get his bicycle properly repaired these days, we are sharing my bike. So, like an Asian couple, Whit rides on the seat and pedals and I sit on the back above the wheel, English-style. We’ve gotten quite good at it and usually fly down the hill from school that way every afternoon. There was one afternoon Whit decided to scare the crap out of me and fly full speed downhill through a tunnel and after surviving it, I blessed him out up and down and that was the end of that.

Back to date night, we head out on our bicycle for two to the nearby cultural center for their free Thursday concerts featuring Korean traditional music. It’s an hour-long program and tonight the time flew, even though, yet again, we stood in the back in a small dark crowded room and enjoyed the sounds of the traditional stringed instruments and wooden flutes.

It was over before we knew it. We walked out, full of culture and good sounds and warm feelings inside and Whit said, “It’s like our very own Thacker San.” (San is mountain in Korean.)
Afterward, we cross the busy thoroughfare and head to one of our favorite pork restaurants where we we cook at the table and the waitresses cater to our every whim, constantly restocking our mushrooms and kimchi on the grill as we stuff ourselves with wonderful Korean food. (Sallie and Angus we are going to take you here!)

It’s a great evening and one where we talk about school, Korea, the past, the future, our life abroad, and how much fun it is to have the freedom to hop on our little bicycle with a basket and enjoy an evening of good culture.


  1. Jessica says:

    Sounds fun! I’m going to need to see a picture of you two on your bike!


  2. Angus says:

    Bizarre Foods was in South Korea the other night. Looking forward to some Dead Body Soup, live mudfish, congealed blood, knee cartilage and fermented skate. Mmmmmm.


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