Swirlie Girlies

Back in middle school, my best friend Brittany used to meet me every Wednesday night at church for the free meal just so we could exchange clothes. You see, after meeting in 6th grade at Hixson Middle School and becoming best friends in Mrs. Miller’s class while doing a project on Japan, we were separated the year after. Maybe her parents had some kind of amazing vision into our futures and knew we were too much trouble together for any good to come out of it.

But either way, we figured one positive thing out of the whole ordeal was that we could double our wardrobes and nobody would know the difference.

So every Wednesday we stood outside Hixson United Methodist Church with our navy drawstring Gap bags ready to exchange with each other. Dresses, shorts, a favorite top. Anything and everything.

So when she asked me a month ago or so if there was anything I needed, I ordered another Gap bag of goodies. And boy did she ever deliver.

Just last week, I received a box stuffed with a new wardrobe, perfect dresses perfectly my style and perfectly my size. I literally tried them on and danced around the apartment. I don’t know if you remember my stories of shopping in Korea, but I’ll keep this short and just say it doesn’t make me jump for joy. I waltzed around the small rooms of our apartment like the middle schooler I used to be. Ha! Size small, Korea! I’m no X-large where I come from!!!

But as I began to dig into the box and through the mounds of amazing candy–Nerds, Sour Patch Kids, Sweet Tarts, and Fun Dip–I saw another treasure in the bottom.

She had sent me a handful of handcrafted hair clips from her and Jessica’s new company, Sweet Chocolate Swirls.

I don’t know if any of you blog readers out there have checked their products out, but they are seriously too cute for words. Button and felt barrettes that are so cute that even my Korean students and co-teachers just have to touch them.

One co-teacher blatantly requested at least one of them after I told her I received several of them in the mail. Why not? Got to spread that Chocolate Swirl love around the world! Thanks Brittany and Jessica for sharing with me–and I can guarantee, you’ve got some big fans in Korea!

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  1. -brittany- says:

    Lindsay, the counterpart to my longest friendship ever, the girl I have known for fifteen years, the one who I got in some serious trouble with, but had an indescribable amount of fun doing it and would not regret a nanosecond of any of it….please don’t tell Jesus nor my mommy that I only went to church for the clothes. (Sidenote: My ultimate favorite item….hands down…yellow gap down vest!)

    Love that you love your package! And sending American size smalls to someone that wears an XL in another country just solidifies that my self esteem just could not handle visiting said country.

    P.S. That you for all the SCS love! If we ever get in the green again we will put you on payroll for PR!


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