Friends Without Borders

One thing that’s interesting about Facebook is that the social network organizes your friends into the different time periods of your life.

For example, my Facebook page breaks up friends into the following groups (which I think could run as a biography of my life): family; Hixson High School; University of Mississippi; International College de Cannes; Black Mountain; Asheville Citizen-Times; and now, South Korea.

But I think one of my favorite things in the world is when your friends hop over their white picketed fence section of your life and cross over to other parts. And I’ve been lucky to have friends blend together like peanut butter and ice cream—perfectly delightful on their own but even better together.

And this week, my good college pal Melissa Robinson is paying me a visit to the ROK. Not only has she been saving her money for months (possibly years) but she is visiting during a time of war threats, swine flu outbreaks, and a week when we don’t really have any vacation time. But therein lies the sheer beauty of it.

I know when I pick her up at the bus station tonight in Gwangju, we’ll pick right up where we left off–gossipping about life; loves, losses, Jake’s cat that always makes it on Facebook, and Emily’s-got-to-be-a-shotgun wedding. Just checking to see if you’re still reading, Em.

It promises to be a week full of laughter, cherished memories, morning runs, red wine, and even live octopus, as promised.

Photos to be posted promptly.


  1. Summer says:

    I hope you have a wonderful time with Melissa! I look forward to the photos.


  2. Emily says:

    Of course, I am. You girls have fun, miss me to bits, talk about me… you know the drill. And, can I steal that sentence? It was classic.


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