Melissa, yogi-yo!


Well I’ve finally caught my breath from Melissa’s whirlwind 2009 Korea world tour. We had an amazing week together.
In just 6 days, we:

  • Drank red wine in front of the Mini Stop
  • Ate shabu shabu
  • Eyed pigs’ heads and sting rays and fighting old men in Gwangju’s traditional Korean market
  • Bought a few dresses
  • Swapped a few dresses
  • Stayed up late
  • Told old stories
  • Rode a train to the green tea fields
  • Jumped and ran through the green tea fields
  • Ate green tea samgyeopsal (pork)
  • Partied and danced at Tony and Caroline’s on a Wednesday night
  • Met a few Koreans who wanted to date a hot blonde chick from America
  • Soaked naked in the sweltering water of the public bath
  • Biked through rural barley and rice fields
  • Camped on a quiet island beach
  • Prattled on wooden beach lounge chairs
  • Sang Beat It by Michael Jackson in a noraebang
  • And ate still-writhing raw octopus.

Wow, what adventures we had! Thanks Melissa for coming to see us across the big big pond! What an amazing week.