Pardon me, Hitler

Annyong! Lindsay here.

So, Whit has a theory that all people who were terrible in their lives will come back as animals in Korea. Sort of a reincarnation karma, if you will.

Unfortunately, animals in Korea aren’t the highest class of citizens in the Land of The Morning Calm. We consistently hear stories of our students’ pets and their consequent demise. Whit’s witnessed kids force feeding reptiles. I was witness to a 4th grader’s pet snail who was taken even to the cafeteria and on bathroom breaks but then was subsequently dropped and killed. Chicks are popular pets because they die young. And dogs. Well. Let’s not get into that now.

So it was early on in our stay in Korea when Whit convinced himself (and me for that matter) that people like Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein definitely came back as animals in Korea. Bin Laden are you reading this? Take this as a warning.

But it was today when I edited one of the hundreds of student journals I read each week that I found a glimmer of hope for animals in Korea (and maybe for bin Laden). I want to share it with you, unedited, for full effect. Hope you enjoy.

Date: May 27th Wednesday
Weather: Clear
title: frog

Today frog was die. I am sorry to frog.
It was killed in the no water. Water were all gone so the frog died. I’m so sorry today is the frog die day so every year on this day I will think about frog.
Frog was my best friend. When noone in the house but I was kill it. I’m so sorry. Frog please help me and go to heaven and play all day. I’m so sorry. The frog please pardon me. Frog good bye.

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  1. love the tiny tunes reference!


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