Think outside the cubicle. Think Korea.

Annyong! Lindsay here.

I decided it was finally time to write about what I’ve been slaving away on for the last couple months (hence the fewer blog posts).
It’s called Say Kimchi Recruiting (“say kimchi” is the Korean equivalent of “say cheese”), and it’s my new business to connect English speakers from around the globe to teaching jobs in Korea. I, along with my three fantastic, fun, and female Korean partners, have been meeting and planning and organizing around the clock. My talented web-designer sister Jessica is currently working on our website with a launch date of mid-July.
The business really started one night while I was sipping wine with Whit on the red plastic chairs outside of our neighborhood Minimart–the place we always toast to Fridays and weekends and summertime and everything nice in life. The more I talked about helping other people come experience the same wonderful adventure we have had in our two years here, the more excited I got. I couldn’t sleep that night, as the business began forming into an actual idea.
Free roundtrip airfare to Korea. Free housing. Great pay. Fun students. A great expat community. Amazing travel opportunities. The adventure of a lifetime. And all you need is a university degree and a native English tongue. It’s certainly not a hard sale. Especially these days, with the economy down the drain.
Two months after that night, I’ve got partners, a website in the making, a few clients I’m already helping, an amazing news site for expats, Say Kimchi News, and enough ideas to keep me awake at all hours of the night.
Whit and I plan on traveling to universities this fall to recruit teachers. Once Whit (our really handsome in-house PR manager) lines up our fall tour, we’ll post it here.
So, are you reading this blog and want to come to Korea? We have jobs open for Sept. 1. E-mail me at I’m happy to help you.


  1. Sam says:

    Hi. I went to college with Whit and have enjoyed your pictures for a while now since I found him on facebook. I look forward to reading and seeing more. You are a great photographer.


  2. this is fantastic. i couldn't think of a better duo to bring hanguk to the masses. organized, thoughtful, fun, motivated, passionate and downright fantastic people. you'll do it right. good on both of ya. yay! good work.


  3. Carleigh says:

    Aw, I wish you had started this just a bit sooner! My boyfriend and I have been reading your blog and have decided to come to Korea (Gwangju specifically, even!) but already have jobs for Sept 1st! Does that mean you guys are still going to be in Korea around that time?


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