Mike and Donna do Korea

Whit here:

Our good friend, Tony, recently had the pleasure of having his parents come visit him and his main squeeze, Caroline, in Gwangju. T&C work the night shift and couldn’t entertain Mike and Donna in the evening hours. We happily obliged.
As it turns out, Donna and Mike are loyal blog readers as it enables them to keep tabs on her thrill-seeking son and his trusty, equally crazy girlfriend because chances are they were where we were.

It was a pleasure hanging out with the Gallants for several days of their 2 week trip. We ate galbi, traveled to Boseong green tea fields, spent an awkward evening with a very drunk Korean man, drank outside a Family Mart and went to a traditional Korean music concert. If you can’t spend a year in Korea, then you should follow itinerary. They did almost everything a tourist should do including a long weekend trip around the country with T&C.

If I didn’t have parents of my own, I’d adopt them. They took Korea in stride and gave it its due respect. Mike even gave his bus ticket to the driver with two hands; a very nice, respectful gesture. Stephen Harper would be proud, they were great Canadian ambassadors. Hope to visit you two in Fredricton very soon!

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  1. Donna says:

    The best part of any experience is the people you meet along the way. Your love and enthusiasm for your adopted city was evident and it made the time we spent with you all the more special. Tony & Caroline are indeed fortunate to have you in their lives and now we are too. We do hope that at some point we have the chance to show you our part of the world. Enjoy your travels, keep safe and we look forward to reading all about your new adventures. Donna & Mike


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