Korea for newlyweds

Three years ago on this day we never woulda guessed within one year of saying our vows, we would be selling our cars and what few possessions we had to move across the world.

But here we are, three years later, enjoying this adventure we call life. Together, we’ve fumbled our way through a new language; explored sunny islands; made amazing new friends; started a savings account; jumped off sand dunes in Vietnam; clambered over ruins in Cambodia; motorbiked through rice paddies; strolled along the Great Wall; peaked into North Korea; fell in love with South Korea; taught a little English; ate a lot of kimchi; and had so many new adventures that even we can’t keep up with ourselves.

Sharing live octopus, Wando, 2009

As we celebrate our anniversary today, our only wish is that we spend the coming years as free-spirited and love-filled as the first few!

Swamp Stomper post-party, February, 2003

Seonyudo sunset, April, 2009


  1. Congrats on your anniversary! Reading your blog has been such a joy for my husband and I as we look forward to our own adventures in South Korea in the future!


  2. Summer says:

    Happy Anniversary, Kiddos! I believe I might have even taken that 2003 photo of you lovebirds. I still remember that night and you two crazy kids telling me you were going to marry each other (regardless of the fact that you had just met). And three years ago, I danced myself into exhaustion at the most fun wedding ever. Good memories!


  3. Congratulations on your anniversary guys! I love reading your very interesting blog. Love reading of the places you visited. Can i ask you a question, is it hard to communicate with the locals when you visited the islands? I will have a 2 weeks summer vacation soon and hope to travel around the islands. Can you also give me some places you recommend? I live in Ansan teaching English at a public elementary school. Thank you in advance.


  4. We haven't had a hard time communicating with the locals. There isn't much English spoken, but you can usually get around no problem. Tourists are pretty predictable, so the locals usually know what you want. Korean Island people are generally great and very laid back.


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