Lifelong Friends

안녕!!! (Hello)

It’s monsoon season in Korea these days, which means it pretty much rains cats and dogs almost every day. You can’t leave the house without an umbrella and a humidity reading that equals that of the chance of rain every day: 100 percent.

This weather over the weekend matched our mood as one of our best friends in the whole world, Caroline, left to continue her adventures in China and then at home, in Canada, where she will start a 4-year naturopathic program in a couple of months.

Korea tends to be a revolving door of good people and for those of us who stay longer than a year, it can be hard on the heart to say goodbye to so many wonderful people.
But Whit and I consider ourselves blessed to have met such people in the first place. People who have that same itch for adventure, people who are just crazy enough to leave the comforts of their home to see a world that is worlds apart from everything they once knew. People who are young. Who usually owe money. Who miss their families. Who occasionally crave McDonald’s. Who love a challenge.

When I first traveled abroad in university, I met these same kind of special friends–a few girls who no matter far apart we are, I still consider really close to my heart. And that’s just from one month. So you can imagine the bond between our group of friends here who have been connected at the hip for one year (some of us even longer).

Caroline, her boyfriend, Tony, and us have already made plans to see each again real soon on the North American side of things. We’ve also planned babies (not in the near future, sorry Mom); when to take our family vacations together; and how maybe we should just start our own commune.

It’s a wonderful idea–a town where you get to live with all your favorite people. I dream of this Truman Show Town often. But, then I remind myself, if I did live there, I would have never met some of these people in the first place.