Finishee with Englishee


Lindsay here writing to you on our last day of full classes. I can’t believe it. We’ve just finished up TWO years of teaching English. Seven classes a day. Four hundred students each a week. Roughly one hundred reminders a day of “NO SPEAKING KOREAN.” Five amazing Korean cafeteria lunches a week. Two bathroom breaks a day. Roughly ten noodly outstretched hugging arms a day. Two (one straight uphill, one straight downhill) bike rides a day. Two hundred blank stares a day.

We still haven’t completely processed it, but I both think we had a little water in our eyes when we walked by the busloads of first, second and third graders on our way out of school this afternoon. “LINDJEE TEACHER!!!HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII” “WHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTEEEE TEACHER!!! HIIIIIII!” Some of them understand they won’t see us again. But many barely even understand when I tell them to SIT DOWN IN THAT CHAIR RIGHT NOW. RIGHT.NOW.

I came home and immediately laid down on the couch and realized I felt the way my mom always looked on her last day of school. Nothing to do but just finally lay down and rest. I promptly had to get up 20 minutes later to go to a private lesson (my last) but those 20 minutes were bliss. And now that I’m finished with my lesson, I came home with even more good feelings and a new bottle of French perfume, a small bonus, and memories of some very strange wrinkled and hunchbacked ajumma (old Korean woman) grabbing and holding my arm and grinning like she was meeting Santa Claus for the first time at my student’s’ apartment.

So what’s next for us? Well. Whit’s good buddy Sam Kirby is arriving from America tomorrow night for a week of adventurous good times. And English camp starts bright and early Monday morning. Two weeks of camp (which only runs from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.) then a week of vacation, then one more week of camp, then one week of vacation and packing, then we’re boarding a jetplane to India for a month before arriving stateside Oct. 1.

But as for right now, we’re breathing a collective sigh of relief as we slide into the easy days of summer in Korea. Now if only it would stop raining…


  1. Jessica says:

    That sounds like an awesome couple of months! Getting very excited about your stateside return!


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  3. Michael says:

    Hope you have fun in India. Bring me back something cool, just kidding. Can't wait until you guys are back to play with Reed.


  4. Michael says:

    I thought I would follow up before somebody told me I forgot about my daughter. I didn't, she's just not as playful yet. She will be in October though.


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