A night in a DVD bang

Finally. We made it. Last night, after a little bit of bargaining and calling in some old debts, I got Lindsay to accompany me to a DVD room. Here you can rent a private room and watch whatever movies they have on tap. Essentially, it is a singing room that caters more to movie watching. Nice lighting, great couches, big screen, surround sound and snacks.

There were many reasons why we haven’t been. We usually watch movies at home or go to the theater. Doing anything in between never really occured to us. Also, it is widely rumored that Koreans in their 20s and 30s who still live at home with mom and dad take some liberties with each other in these rooms. The thought of sitting on a “love couch” was not so appealing, but seems very similar to all the love motels we have stayed at in Korea.

So, we found one, paid 12,000W, scrolled though lots of movies, snuggled up on the comfortable couch and watched “Marley and Me.” We even got to sing the opening song, “Shiny, Happy People” on a mike reserved for anyone who wanting to do some karaoke. And with that I was sold. Comfort, large screens, surround sound and a reverberating microphone.

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  1. The Whitsons says:

    Why don't we have those here in the states yet?


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