Sayin’ Kimchi


Lindsay here. Just wanted to report that Say Kimchi Recruiting, LLC, is in FULL swing these days.

Our website is up, we’ve got applicants, we’ve got jobs, we’ve even had a few successful matches so far.

If you happen to be on our blog wanting to know more about Korea, please head over to to find out everything you wanted to know about teaching English in Korea and then some. Don’t forget to also click on its sister sites, Say Kimchi News and Say Kimchi Community.

It’s packed full of videos, photos, and information about the whole experience! And a special thanks to my super talented and overworked sister-slash-web designer extraordinaire, Jessica!


  1. Donna says:

    Hi to you both! I just spent some quality worktime ckecking out the Say Kimichi website. Fabulous! I love the video (because I get to hear you both) and of course the great pictures. I can't imagine that anyone who reads it won't be intrigued enough to at least inquire. Good luck with this new venture. I think that you'll be great.


  2. Kyle says:

    Love the site, just one comment. The text on some of the pages looks squished making it more difficult to read, ie.


  3. Your site looks incredible!!! Congratulations on the unveiling!


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