Learning India

Whit here:

I have been in India for a week now and I have had 2 monkeys become slightly angry with me. One swiped at me for getting too close by accident and the other’s hair stood up on end because we locked eyes for too long. I have learned that I have lots to learn about monkey etiquette.

I have also learned that India is unbelievably intense. Constant colors, scams, beauty, poverty, tastes and sounds. For a traveler coming straight from the comforts and safety of Korea it almost seems like too much. But we are adjusting and trying to take Indian life in stride. We have planned out the rest of our trip. A few more days in Northern India and then a quick trip down south followed by some time in the western desert. Right now we are taking in the Buddhist vibe of the Dalai Lama’s home of McLeod Ganj and trying to find some sort of peace among all of this chaos. We are finding it. Through the Tibetan refugees, the beautiful surroundings and the unavoidable chaos we are finding our way through this foreign land.

For now we are enjoying the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. It is a jewel.