You can go home again

There comes a time when it’s just time to go home.

For us, home has been a little bit of everywhere: the mountains of Western North Carolina; the square of Oxford, Mississippi; the lakes of Chattanooga, Tennessee; the racetrack in Martinsville, Virginia. Home is the cornbread of America, the kimchi of South Korea. For us, home is usually where our toothbrushes are.

But there comes a time when it’s just time to go home. Home-home. After two weeks in India, we’ve realized it’s that time, despite the fact we had two more weeks planned on the Subcontinent.

While we’ve had the adventure of a lifetime and some stories that will definitely make you laugh, shudder, and sigh, it’s just time to go.

So we’re heading out tomorrow from this beautiful city of Manali on yet another overnight bus that will take us to Delhi. We’ve hired a driver for the day that will take us all over that dirty dizzying city before he drops off at the airport Tuesday night for our fight out to Paris, France.

We can’t wait to spend a few relaxing days in one of my favorite countries in the world before heading home. Our real home.

See ya’ll real soon.


  1. Tamz says:

    Happy home!


  2. deborah says:

    Our hearts are about to burst with happiness! Home is waiting with big hugs! Can't wait!


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