Life’s too short to eat oatmeal

Hello from Virginia!!

Anyone out there still reading? Don’t stop now! We’re certainly not stopping with the writing!
So we’re home. After enjoying four or 5 days in the wonderful city of Paris (yes that city really is as amazing as people make it out to be), we’ve arrived in the land of cornbread. Actually we had some crazy form of dried cornbread for lunch on Monday at Southern Star in Chattanooga. Don’t miss it if you’re ever in the Tennessee Valley. 
So is it weird to be home after two years in Korea? Short answer–no. It’s still the same. Though things that used to be normal just stand out a little more to me. For example, America is fat. I’m sorry, somebody had to say it. There is an obesity problem in this country and something needs to be done about it. And the billboard we saw en route between Atlanta and Chattanooga didn’t help. (“Life is too short to eat oatmeal for breakfast” with a picture of a syrupy, sugary cinnamon honey bun on it). 
But for the most part, America is just America and home is sweet home. It’s wonderful to be back with nieces, nephews, our wonderful families and friends, and, yes, even honey buns. We’re going to be settling into a wonderfully cosy little basement apartment at the top of a mountain in Black Mountain, North Carolina. 
Looks like we’re heading back to Korea in March. So between now and then, come back for a read on life in America and/or Korea. We’ll be posting about both!

5 thoughts on “Life’s too short to eat oatmeal

  1. The Whitsons says:

    Southerners in America are the fattest.

    USA today has Alabama is closing in on Mississippi. The AP/Coaches poll hasn't released their results.

    But dang if the food down that way doesn't make your heart want to stop one way or another.

    Welcome home.


  2. Summer says:

    Glad you're home for a while! Thinking of you two.

    (By the way, a thought on food. Poverty and obesity go hand in hand. We should work on making healthy food easier to get, especially in communities where it's presently unavailable. I'm all over the community garden movement.)


  3. double_lees says:

    i just got back from a 2 month visit with my english teaching boyfriend in south korea and my very first thought upon arriving at atlanta was “look at all these fat bastards. jesus.”

    i felt bad afterwards chowing on my italian sub but when an old fat woman nagged me about which flight i was switching to next so she could put her luggage on my seat i was back to the loathing again.


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