Take a hike

The leaves are changing here in my neck of the woods and I can’t help but think about all the great hiking in Korea.

Last fall, a group of us headed to Dogyusan National Park near Muju for a fall camping trip. We set our tent up beneath a canopy of candy apple red leaves as they continued to drop and flutter around us.
The color was so vibrant I had to swear to people that the color was real when I posted my usual batch of photos on Facebook.
We camped, we ate, we hiked, we drank soju around a cozy campfire as our friend Tony told us the story of how he once fought a guy named Earl. We couldn’t go a night without kimchi so Whit headed to the local mart (there is ALWAYS one nearby) and he picked up some spicy cabbage in a plastic bag. And later that night, I brought in a big stone from the fire and spooned it while I peacefully slept the crisp fall night away.
Before this fall is gone, get out of the city. Go to one of Korea’s amazing 19 national parks.
They’ll take you up steep craggy mountains, along gushing rivers, beside teetering cliffs and over blue-green crystal clear waters.
Not sure where to start? Take a look at these National Parks of Korea official PDFs that offer park maps, information, tips, accommodations, transportation and more.
Read more information about all the parks at the official site.

2 thoughts on “Take a hike

  1. Woman Child says:

    I love it that I found your blog..
    My husband and I are now living here in Busan and it's great to read your adventures.
    I've been REALLY wanting to do some hiking/camping…So thanks for the tips on the Parks

    I pray your next adventure finds you both happy 🙂


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