No Wonder

I won’t make any apologies for downloading the Wonder Girls’ song “Nobody” when it came out and took Korea by storm. It was hard to get away from it in Korea. Our student’s danced to it and sang it, most every storefront in downtown Gwangju had it blaring from its speakers beckoning you to come inside and you might even hear it while in the city bus or a taxi. Young, old, short, tall, Korean or foreign couldn’t help but fall victim to the Wonder Girls.

Now, thanks to a little help from the Jonas Brothers, the Wonder Girls are spinning their web in the United States. This summer they opened for the Brothers and made a splash even though some reviewers found some of their dance moves “odd.”

Nevertheless, the Wonder Girls just recently entered the Billboard 100 with “Nobody.” According to the Korea Times they are the first Korean band to have the honor. Watch out world, K-Pop and the Wonder Girls are knocking at your door.