The simple life

Since Whit and I have returned to the states, we have often felt about two years behind technology (after two years in Korea). People often stare at us with incredulous eyes before questioning just how technologically advanced Korea is. “I thought Korea was a leader in technology,” some people say.

Yep. It’s true.

But after our questions to friends in America on how to punch those funky on-screen buttons on an iPhone and what in the world is a Blu-ray and what movie are you talking about?!?!, we have realized it’s not that Korea did not have all these things, because they do in some LG or Samsung form or fashion (and Apple is finally entering the scene as well!).

It’s just that life as an expat is quite simply, the simple life. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we love it so much. Only thing on TV is in a language that even when we study we still can’t understand it. DVD player? Why when we can just watch everything on our laptops at home. Better yet, why watch a movie when there is traveling, socializing, street-walking, sightseeing, picture-taking to do?

Life as an expat in Korea is simple. Probably because the level of ignorance you must accept with it. Want to buy a big-screen TV? Good luck on studying up on the Korean you need to know to even buy the thing. Can’t work your Korean cell phone? Join the club. Once Whit and I discovered the fun picture-taking tools our phone had, we never went beyond that because we had so much fun matching our pictures with the cutesy animated borders and silly extras you could add to any photo.

In Korea, you work hard. You play harder. And in a much different way you do in your own country.

So if you’re in the same-old same-old having a hard time figuring out which buttons to punch on your latest phone or then questioning why your bill includes all those extra charges and you wonder why life just can’t be simple, then think Korea.