^_^ (smile)

Learning Korean can be hard, but a lot of fun. One of my favorite things about any language is learning what language their animals speak. For example, in America a frog says “Ribbit! Ribbit!” But in Korea, that very same frog would say “Kagul! Kagul!”

Another interesting thing to learn about Korean is their emoticons. You know, those things your co-teachers and Korean friends write on their texts and Facebook messages to you. It’s like a whole new language. And to understand whether they are laughing or crying or sleeping or winking, you need to learn it.

Here’s a few of them. (Thanks to this website)

(^_^) = smile

(^o^) = laughing out loud

“keke” or “kkk” – Laughing (like covering your mouth snickering)

d(^_^)b = thumbs up (not ears)

(T_T) = sad (it’s a crying face)

(-.-)Zzz = sleeping

(Z.Z) = sleepy person

\(^_^)/ = cheers, hurrah

(*^^*) = shyness

(-_-); = sweating (as in ashamed)

(^_^);; = sorry! my mistake

(?_?) = nonsense, i don’t know

(^_~) = wink

(o.O) = surprise

v(^_^)v = victory

(>^_^)> = hugging

(>^_^)> <(^_^<) = hugging each other (^o^)