Book club in Gwangju!

Annyong, Lindsay here.

In my last two years in Korea, my friends and I started a fun little book club. We would all order books from What the Book in Seoul and share copies and get together once a month to talk about it and drink copious amounts of wine.

I’ve recently discovered another book club in Gwangju — one more about the books than the wine, which is always a good thing.

According to Sara Fladmo, who heads it up, the club started about a year ago and usual membership runs about 8-12 members. “We read one book a month and each member has a say in which books we choose,” she said. “We’ve just finished ‘Fall on Your Knees’ by Ann-Marie MacDonald.”

The group meets weekly on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 in front of the Y in downtown Gwangju. They then head to a different coffee shop each week to hold the meeting.

They are having their holiday party next week and any members interested in joining are welcome to come. Check out the Gwangju Book Club page on Facebook or contact Sara at for more information.

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