Yes Japan, Dokdo is a Korean island

Like an older sibling unable to concede anything to his or her younger sibling, Japan continues to give Korea a geopolitical noogie when it comes to the small island known as Dokdo in the East Sea. As if brutal Japanese rule over Korea for 40 years wasn’t enough,  Japan refuses to acknowledge that Dokdo is Korean and they continue to teach their students it is Japanese.

Japan laid claim to the tiny island in the early 1900s when a fisherman stumbled upon it.  The Japanese government claimed it despite Korea’s objections back then. In 1945 at the end of World War II, the allies returned Dokdo to Korea, but Japan continues to refuse to acknowledge that Dokdo is Korea’s island.  

“No matter what claim Tokyo makes, our government stresses once again that there is no territorial dispute between the two sides,” the Korea Times quoted Korean foreign ministry spokesman Moon Tae-young as saying. 

But Japan continues to claim that Dokdo is Takeshima Island (or Liancourt Rocks to some), a Japanese territory, located in the Sea of Japan.  Not Dokdo, located in the East Sea.

Read our old blog and other sources on the history of Dokdo and let me know what you think. Perhaps I am biased, but I am siding with Korea on this: Dokdo is Korean!!