Top 10 Korean experiences of 2009

Another list. What did I tell ya? I love ’em!

#1. Riding in the back of a Bongo truck around Bigeumdo (island). A big group of us had gone camping on our favorite island and befriended some fun Koreans, one of which offered to drive us around the island in his dad’s Bongo the next day.

2.  Impromptu dance parties with good friends ’til 4 in the morning on a school night because your college roommate came to visit.

3. Four dollar girls nights at the public bath house after a long week at work. (Sorry, no pictures.)

4. Eating raw, still writhing octopus.

5. Every-other-weekend camping trips with great friends to the beautiful islands in the south.

6. Noraebang nights. (I’m still a horrible singer.)

7. Celebrating Buddha’s birthday in Seoul.

8. Teaching kids who love to learn English.

9.  Celebrating Obama’s inauguration in Korea at a party in our tiny apartment.
10. Running a half marathon in Gwangju. It was our 4th in Korea!
Now, what are some of yours?!?

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