Teach Abroad in Korea

Almost three years ago my wife and I started this blog. We had just recently signed and sent our contracts. Nervous and very apprehensive, we thought to ourselves “what are we doing?!?!?” Korea seemed like a safety country, only an option if nothing else worked out. We wanted the big named countries like Japan or Thailand, but in the end we had to settle for Korea.

I reluctantly told our landlord we were moving out, reluctantly sold my car and reluctantly donated old clothes to Goodwill.  I cringed whenever news involving North and South Korea popped up on the New York Times webpage and even had to agree with some people who thought our going to Korea was “crazy.”

But we couldn’t have been more wrong about the Land of the Morning Calm.  A beautiful country, wonderful people and unique experiences met us everyday we walked out of our villa in Gwangju.  I cannot express to you the pleasure we found in our day-to-day existence in Korea. Life in Korea is good, it’s safe and it is always an adventure.  I would urge anyone considering Korea to look no further.  If you want to teach abroad, teach in Korea.

My wife even took her passion for Korea one step further by recruiting foreigners to teach there. Just today she got some jobs that look very good and that start March 1st. Below you will find the information sheet she wrote up about these jobs.  Read and if you are interested in an amazing experience.  APPLY NOW!!! There is really no time to waste!

What is it? To work for GEPIK (Gyeonggido English Program in Korea) is to teach in a public elementary, middle or high school in Gyeonggi Province. Since 2003, GEPIK has provided English teachers to all public schools in the province. Currently there are more than 1,000 foreigners in the GEPIK program, but the the company is looking to double its numbers this year. Meaning lots of others just like you!

Where is it? Gyeonggi Province, in the northern part of South Korea located in the area immediately surrounding Seoul.

The benefits

  • Salary of up to 2.3 million won/month
  • Free & furnished housing
  • Roundtrip flights
  • Renewal bonus of 2.0 million won in case you stay a 2nd year
  • 10 days of ESL training and orientation
  • Signing bonus of 300,000 won when you arrive in Korea
  • Medical insurance and pension, 50% of which is covered by GEPIK
  • 20 days of paid vacation plus public holidays
  • Higher salaries for teachers who choose to work in more rural locations

The responsibilities
GEPIK teachers are required to conduct beginner to intermediate English classes at an assigned Gyeonggi Province school with a Korean “co-teacher” as a team. GEPIK English teachers are required to teach 22 classes (varying from 40 – 50 minutes) per week. There are other various extra curricular programs that teachers will run, including an English Day Camp, English Speech contest and English classes for fellow Korean teachers.

GEPIK Placement Locations

You don’t always have a choice in where you are placed with applying for a GEPIK job. The more flexibility an applicant has with regards to application, the better chance they have of securing a job. Placements are located in cities and rural areas across Gyeonggi Province. We’ve included a list of most GEPIK locations below.

  • Suwon (capital)
  • Ansan
  • Anyang
  • Bucheon
  • Dongducheon
  • Gimpo
  • Goyang’
  • Gwangju(the little town, NOT the big city in Jeolla)
  • Gwangmyeong
  • Icheon
  • Namyangju
  • Paju
  • Uijeongbu
  • Yongin

The Say Kimchi Recruiting Community in Korea

Say Kimchi Recruiting does more than connect with you a job. Once you arrive, we also make sure you are connected to the local community through our monthly newsletter, community events, and connections with our other teachers already in Korea. If you ever have a problem, we’re there to help. We’ve taught in Korea, we’re there now, and we’re there to help.

Still interested?  Still reading?  Go to http://www.saykimchirecruiting.com/ and apply now!!

Deadline January 15th!! Apply online at http://www.saykimchirecruiting.com. Mark on application that you are applying for GEPIK job.