The Korean military opens it door a little wider

Something very interesting is going on in Korea these days. There is more news now about the government tearing down walls that keep Koreans in and everything else out.  The most recent is the passage of a law that will open up the Korean military to “western mixed-race men” with Korean nationality and other pertinent qualifications.  Up until now these “Asian mixed race men” were exempt from service because the military feared for their safety in the barracks.

The Korea Times quoted a military official as saying, “There will be no problem with skin color in joining the Korean military. Once a mixed-race man has Korean nationality and related qualifications, he will be able to serve in the military.”

In typical Korean fashion, these men will be given the choice to do their 5-week pre-service training with each other to help avoid racially-motivated hazing and to seemingly prolong the “mixing” of the races.

I imagine the Korean military will clumsily stumble through this, but I applaud the government’s effort to change a long-standing racially-motivated law. We’ll see how it goes.

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