Consulates are like snowflakes

As Whit and I prepare to make our grand return to Korea (year 3: here we come!) I have been learning a lot about consulates.

Especially as I help a lot of other people come to Korea through the recruiting biz. I always tell people I learn something new every week. And this week, it’s that Korean consulates are like snowflakes.
No two are alike.

Oh they might all have the same websites (believe me, they do) but if you call with questions or to ask the exact process for finishing the last few steps of your E2 visa process, you might just get a different answer from every consulate.

Some consulates require interviews, no matter who you are or how far you live from them. Some consulates would rather just stamp your E2 visa and ship it back in the mail. Some want more documents than you knew you had. Some want only about three.

So if you’re getting ready to come to Korea and you’re in the E2 visa process, don’t forget to call your area consulate and ask exactly what they want for you to obtain that E2 visa stamp once you have that E2 visa number.

Learn more about where your nearest consulate is at: