Attention Photographers of Korea

Korea is an excellent place to improve your photography. Many foreigners come to Korea with new camera gear and millions of opportunities to hone your skills. With all of the colors, people, mountains, beaches and just strange sights, Korea can be a feast for your lens.

Occasionally we joined a Korean photo group on their monthly outings, and often Lindsay and her photographer buddies(a surprisingly large group) would trade notes on how to shoot certain things and what gear to shoot with. But there is also a photography group online that has an ongoing challenge and a chance to critique photos and have your photos critiqued.

Check out the Seoul Photo Club. On their website and flickr page you can find answers to photography questions from knowledgable photographers and some really nice photos of Korea. Also you can post one of your photos on their flickr page and receive and give constructive criticism.

Be sure to enter their weekly challenge. Every week a winner is picked and the photo will run in the Korea Herald. Winners also get a little love from the sponsors. The prize for the winner includes a 50,000 won store credit at Hyosung Camera and a Babo Shirt.  

There is also a monthly contest that will get your photo published in Groove magazine. If you are interested just upload your photo to BUT Read the Rules first!!!

The rules are:

  1. Submit one photo.
  2. Then comment on the two previous photos in the pool.
  3. You can submit another photo once two photos from other people have been published.
  4. Rinse and repeat.
  5. It’s OK for members to remind others about commenting, so don’t get grumpy if someone tells you to make comments!
  6. Be honest and critical when commenting. ‘Nice photo’ is not very constructive

Be sure to check out the Herald‘s article on the Seoul photo club here.