Happy Seollal and Tteokguk

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!  And Happy one year older to all Koreans!

Hopefully the year of the tiger will be a bold year in more good ways than bad for you.

Today is the day that Koreans turn one year older.  For example, if you were born in December of 2009, you will be 2 today.  The day Koreans are born they are one.  On Seollal (Lunar New Year) you turn a year older.  Sounds strange doesn’t it?

Also on Seollal Koreans eat a bowl of tteoguk.  This is a soup filled with rice cakes.  It is said that a bowl of tteokguk will give you good luck and prosperity in the New Year. 

Check out these two articles for more on the Lunar New Year and tteokguk!

Good luck to you in the New Year!

An interesting blog on tteokguk written by a Korean: http://www.mykoreandiet.com/healthy-korean-food/tteokguk-why-koreans-have-tteokguk-on-new-years-day.html

And a little something I wrote for Say Kimchi News about Seollal: http://saykimchirecruiting.com/newsletter/?p=415