Kimchi Land: Part 이

We’re back.  Back where kimchi can be found on every table. Back where Kias and Hyundais fly through red lights as if they are only suggestions.  Back where you take off your shoes at the door.  Back where people smile, nod, point and/or laugh at you. After a 5 month hiatus we are back in the Land of the Morning Calm.

The last 5 months have been filled with travels around India and North America, time with family and friends and trying to stay warm during an unseasonably cold and snowy winter in Western North Carolina.  We have hugged those we love and missed our friends in far away lands. Though we longed for a good bowl of bibimbap, the chance to get to know new family members and hug others more than made up for the lack of Korean cuisine.

But tonight we get to reconnect with some great old friends over a steaming pot of shabu shabu. That is the beauty of this life we live.  Good food, good friends and good families all over this great big world.

Back to blogging from Korea.  We’ll keep you posted.