How to laugh how to love


Lindsay here. Writing from my own computer with my own internet in my own little Korean shoebox of an apartment.

Speaking of apartments, turns out we have foreign neighbors. No, not the loud ones with the baby next to us. The ones who only shout when speaking to each other. (counseling, please!) But across the hall. I was stunned this morning when I walked out and almost ran into another waygukin. Don’t know much about them yet but I’ll see what I can find out. If only they talked as loud as our other neighbors.

Today was a good day. The sun peeked out every now and then, which can definitely lift the spirits. I finally uploaded my Tahoe/Canada/Korea photos onto Facebook (will add some here as well).


We haven’t talked much about our travels on the way out but they were wonderful. One of the best things about our previous two years in Korea was the amazing friends we made. We were able to meet up with two of them–Tony & Caroline– in Tahoe and follow them back to Vancouver, their current home.

It was hard to leave them in Vancouver and know they wouldn’t be here in Gwangju with us. No more sitting outside the Mini Stop in the red plastic chairs drinking wine until all hours of the night. No cocktail parties or late-night game nights or four-hour sauna soaks.

It’s a different Gwangju without them. But we still have some of our other really good friends here, which is so amazing to come back to. See photos below.


But things are making full circle. Today I bought Caroline’s old green bike cruiser from another friend here, who had bought it off Caroline when she left. And Whit and I know we’ll meet even more people in Korea who we will laugh and live and love with in the coming year.


  1. LOVE that first photo! I may be emailing you someday soon. My husband, daughter and I are hoping/planning to move to Korea for an extended period and need all the guidance we can get! I've been lurking on your blog for several months now and envy your experiences! I hope to make my own someday soon…


  2. Hi Elizabeth, let me know if you ever have any questions about Korea. We're happy to help!


  3. Caroline says:

    Love you guys. Am finally accepting that you aren't going to give up your lives to come stay in Vancouver, so now I am thrilled to be able to travel vicariously through you (and your gorgeous new bike!) I know you guys will make zillions of new friends, but you are only allowed to love them 98.7% as much as you love us. Looking forward to reading all about year 3!


  4. 九份 says:

    good~ keep sharing with us, please….I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................


  5. Thanks. Will do! We're actually headed back sometime this year to meet our 2nd daughter 🙂


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