My chip is your chip

Since, unfortunately, we cannot have all of you back home over for dinner or drinks to our home in Korea, we welcome you to the virtual version of our apartment. We also formally invite you all to visit. Seriously. We love visitors!!

So, yes, this little project inspired me to clean the apartment this afternoon.

Our kitchen
Our bedroom.
Lovely Korean wallpaper
I love the kimchi pots out our window on the next building.

Our closet without walls. I know. Fancy.
Typical Korean bathroom. 
Our second room/living room.
My awesome new orange umbrella. Seriously. Could it be any cooler?
Our front-loader washing machine, which I crouched in front of last week for three hours, translating every word on there in dire hopes that it would also serve as our dryer. (HA!) It does, however, have an option just for lingerie. In case you were curious.


  1. Dena says:

    Wow, very cool place. Thanks for posting pics. That's a lot of kimchi your neighbors have!


  2. Amy says:

    Your apartment is so cute! Happy to hear that you and Whit arrived safely. I'm greatly looking fwd to reading about your adventures this year. xo


  3. Miki Yumi says:

    Haha, my mom said she cant wait to have one of the bathrooms (she hates water) Its gonna be lots of fun xD


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