Um. Om. Ouch.

Lindsay here again.

Whit and I decided to start up yoga together here in Gwangju back at my old yoga studio. Don’t know if you remember from last year’s posts, but I have the sweetest, most Korean yoga teacher ever.
It was like no time had passed at all when I walked back in the door last night.

“WINJEE!!!” she said in her happy singsong voice as she ran to me with open arms. This means a lot, as Koreans don’t typically hug.

She was even more excited to see Whit there and took no time at all to kick his legs into position while we stretched into some twisted variety of downward dog.

He was beginning to see why I said, “Are you sure you wanna start yoga this week? How about next. I’m not ready for the pain yet.”

I don’t know why–but this is my favorite position. It makes me breathe more easily and makes me feel like a kid again. I totally remember doing this little number in front of the TV when I was a kid.