I am Lindsay. I am USA.

As our teacher waited patiently for a response, a one-worder, anything, Whit and I eyed our teacher with dumb stares. We had nothing. Luckily, we were joined by one more student, better than us but still not great. At least she won’t pick on the two of us the whole time, I thought.

This was not going to be pretty.

“OK, koreankoreankoreankoreankoreankoreankorean. Introduce yourself.”

Whit and my introduction sounded something like this, when translated:

I am Lindsay. I am USA. I am wife. (to him, said in English, with a point of my finger)

I realized right after my lovely introduction that I am now in fact that stupid kid in class. You know, the one you think about and shake your head in sympathy and think, ‘I bet she’s really good at math.”

We have a test tomorrow on about 20 adjectives. I have been studying with all my heart for the past 24 hours. So I thought today when my cabbie asked me 100 questions, I could throw a couple in there. But noooooo. First things first, figure out what he’s asking.

Wish us better luck in tomorrow’s class.