Dylan in Korea

Bob Dylan is making his first appearance in Korea this month. He will be in Seoul March 31 at Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Olympic Park, southern Seoul.  Is Bob Dylan big in Korea you might ask?  I have no idea. But he is playing several nights in Japan before playing one night, and one night only, in Korea.  I’ll let you know how  Dylan goes down in Korea.

Whitney Houston kicked off her tour here last month and apparently had a rough start, but eventually warmed up.  Read the review from the Korea Times here.

Here are some other notable shows in Seoul in the next month.

Jeff Beck- Mar 20 – Olympic Hall of Seoul Olympic Park
Mark Chesnutt-Apr 9 -Yongsan Garrison
Jamie Cullum-Apr 10-Melon Ax Hall
Hardtack and Gruel- Apr 10 -RMT Hongdae(local foreigner band)