‘Fight?’ I mean ‘cheap!’

Let the butchering of a beautiful language begin.

Day 2 of Korean class and I have to admit it made a little more sense.  Lindsay and I studied quite a bit for our adjectives quiz only to be let down by a very informal oral test.  Because we struggle with the correct pronunciation of these words, the quiz was more of a string of misunderstandings between teacher and students rather than a chance to show the teacher how we could spell the words in hangul.

But the ultimate misunderstanding came in my class this afternoon.  One of my female students was telling me about an apartment I could rent in Vancouver, BC (it was an assignment I gave them) and she was trying to tell me it was cheap.  “Oh 싸워요?” I said confidently.  She stopped and looked at me stunned, her mouth agape.  “You mean 싸요 teacher!” Another student said.  “싸워요 means ‘fight!'”

Better to have happened in the classroom and not while trying to bargain a price with a surly ajumma in Itaewon.