Big Fun and Chapjae in Gwangju

I don’t think it is a newsflash when I say that we have a good time in Korea. That, of course, means a number of different things. We camp on beautiful islands, travel on trains through gorgeous countryside and meet people from all over the world that we love.  Life is pretty good.

Our life in Korea can also be described as social. Going out for dinner and drinking is easily coordinated. With food and drink being cheap as well as public transportation at the ready, a big night out can come at a low cost. It’s hard to pass up a social event on the weekends.

Once a month Lindsay coordinates a Korean/foreigner dinner in order to get Koreans and foreigners together, something that isn’t as easy or as frequent as you would think.  So these dinners are something we look forward to all month. We have met the loves of our lives at these dinners. Strange, but true.

Once again this month was no different. Nearly 50 people showed up and the conversation flowed endlessly from table to table. Friendships were reinforced and a few blossomed by the end of the night And of course their seemed to be an endless supply of soju and beer.

As is our tradition, we headed to the chapjae place around the corner from the German bar where we hugged our old vendor friend, consumed massive plates of chapjae, lamented the absence of great friends and woke up the next morning hangover free and excited about the possibility of more great and lifelong friends.

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