Dear Dad

Lindsay here. We just finished another week of Korean classes, which we are getting very into these days. (As you can see, we’ve devoted several blog entries to this very topic.)

This week, we are still studying future tense and talking about what we will do on future vacations (Paris for me, Philippines for Whit).

We come out of class always having learned something new. And we spend much of our spare time flipping through flashcards (me) and practicing our spelling (Whit).

This week, we had to write a letter home. I wrote to Dad. (sorry Mom, I’ll include you next time. At this point, I hadn’t learned “and” yet.)

Thought you might enjoy a look at this, Dad. But don’t be too impressed. It’s very second grade. 🙂 And yes, it has been corrected by my teacher.

I miss you Father!! 
Father, hello! How are you? I have been well in Gwangju. Gwangju life is very interesting. Whit and I will be able to practice Korean language. (Hey, no making fun of my confused verb tenses here). It is very difficult! But it’s very interesting. Goodbye! –Lindsay

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