Teaching at a Korean University

It’s good to be a college professor. I can’t complain at all.

It has been an interesting transition from elementary school to university.  In some ways it feels like I am teaching bigger versions of my elementary students, but then I realize how much easier I have it. So far in the college setting I haven’t lost my temper, my voice or my mind. The students are largely respectful and are more apt to listen than not.

My campus is bustling with activity.  Soccer clubs practicing endlessly, students walking in groups to class, taxis zooming through campus, Jason Mraz playing on the intercom system(seriously) that can be heard all over campus. It is full of life.

Most university students are extremely friendly, often saying hello, occasionally bowing.  My students try hard in class and seem to be having fun being out of the academic hell that is high school.

So work is good, in case you were wondering.  How can it not be when K-Pop and Jason Mraz are the soundtrack to your work life?

2 thoughts on “Teaching at a Korean University

  1. morning turtle says:

    Does one need credentials past a Bachelor's degree (e.g. an ESL or TESOL certificate) to teach at the university level in Korea? or is a matter of experience/job searching? I'm glad you're enjoying your new position.


  2. wpaltizer says:


    It helps to have a TESOL and/or a master's degree to get jobs at a university these days. However, I don't think they are always required. If you have experience, it is worth putting your resume in at a Korean university.

    In my case, I have a master's degree and two years teaching experience in Korea. Most of my co-workers have a similar background.

    I hope this helps!


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