The speed of light


So there is an interesting article on CNN today that takes a look at why South Korea is considered to have the fastest internet in the world.

In one word: competition.

The article compares broadband connections in both South Korea and the U.S. and explains why South Korea’s is so fast. In addition to having more competition between broadband companies, South Korea’s government also made fast broadband for all citizens a top initiative back in 1990. And they were good on their word. And, of course, there is the high density aspect. It’s a lot easier to connect millions of people to broadband when they are living on top of each other.

But, come on America, catch up!! You invented the internet. Now, deliver it! My poor parents need this!! (It probably took them 15 minutes to open this blog on their connection. And it’s not even dial-up.)

Read more about South Korea and U.S. broadband here:

And, if you live in Chattanooga, maybe you could help my Dad out and also give the nice folks at the cable company a call and let them know the people out in north Soddy would REALLY appreciate a cable line out there. I believe they are starting to ignore my father, dismissing him as that crazyman who won’t stop calling.

One thought on “The speed of light

  1. Etan says:

    i'm glad you guys brought this up because it's the first thing i noticed when i got here. when i purchased “the matrix” from apple itunes, it took 70 minutes to download the whole movie in nyc. but just last week, i downloaded “the matrix reloaded” from my studio in seoul and it took 7 minutes! SEVEN MINUTES! i can also access all of my favorite u.s.-based websites MUCH FASTER from korea than in the states. how can this be? aren't their servers in america? so how come i can access them quicker from 6000 miles away? i'm still scratching my head..


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